Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blessing From Above

Its amazing how the little things God brings.. actually works bigger into your heart. My Hubby called me during work asking when my lunch was.. Its rare when we get to have lunch at the same time. ( we work pretty close to each other.) So we were able to meet close to my work at a thai restaurant. When I got there Hugo was talking to a man next to him at a table. He was a nice talkative man. We ordered our food and talked a little with him. He finished his food before us and as he was giving the waitress his card to pay.. he said "oh and I'll get there food too!"  We were like " what!!?? thank you!!" The man said " do not thank me but thank the Lord Jesus, for He is the one that provides for me and all is because he has given... and I give to you .. I'am just the messenger. My heart felt so blessed .. knowing how God takes care of His children and even at times when we fail or feel apart He reminds us of HIS GREAT LOVE AND MERCY!! so amazing.. after lunch Hugo left and i walked back to work.. as i was walking back i was praying and taking to God..all things feelings an word that would come into my heart were so touching speaking to me. It was amazing. His name was Augustin.. a man that shared his faith and blessed us as he also was being blessed from above. and the funny thing about all this.. as my eyes tear up right now .. I remember saying those same words about how to thank God because he provides .. when I was with my girl friends  growing up and couple years ago when they did not have money for lunch or others things .. or just when friends would ask me for money or when I knew they needed it. They would get so happy and thank me. But I would say those words Augustin said to us.. some how it touches me so much.. because its like God sees and remembers the things we do being good or bad.. but he gives us these gifts that sometimes seem so little but in reality its so much much BIGGER than we think.. He speaks and touches our souls more than we can understand sometimes the little things bring and reveal more to us.. so amazing how the Lord touches and transforms and speaks to us.. His word.. like in the book of Jeremiah 20:9 one of my favorite verses.. Jeremiah could not hold in and proclaim and mention to the people the word of God and what the Lord wanted to show them. " The word is in him like FIRE unable to hold it in"!! Amazing !!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Muir Woods In The City!

Wow what a day!! My hubby and I went hiking in Muir Woods Park in the city. Here are some pictures of our Super Adventure!!

                                                                  His Apple My Pair



Friday, January 6, 2012

My Testimony.

This is a true story about a young girl and a Merciful God.

My Savior.. In Christ alone.

I was 21 when I was told I was loved by God. I was preached to by a guy from Acapulco who needed help with his phone. I work for Verizon Wireless and been there for 10 years.  He would come in and wait for me to be helped, he did not want anyone else to help him but me. He said he knew someone that loved me.. I was like ..Sure.........! One day as I was leaving work I saw him outside.... he brought a Bible to give to me.... I rejected it from him... as I got in my car driving away.. I remember the words.. I said.."God is this you..? are you calling me ?" for the first time in my life I felt I was really talking to God and that He was so very close listing to my to me as I was crying. At this time I was attending and serving in a Catholic church with my parents. I knew in my heart that God was calling me.. to know HIM truly Know HIM. The name of the guy that shared the Gospel with me was Emmanuel which means.. GOD WITH US.  I remember he told me that .. he also told me that my name Elizabeth meant OATH TO GOD..  God used him to call to me..from that day my heart was open.. got home asked my mom for a Bible and started to read.. THESE were the hardest and more beautiful times of my life. My parents were upset with me they did not want me to attend a Christen church. I then started to share the word with my sister Olga Marquez . She gave her life to Christ and it was such a beautiful moment.. I started to sing at Discovery  Church and later became the worship leader, teacher for kids, Bible study for girls which I still d0... and being part of the elders of my old church. My parents later by the grace of God also started to come and were baptized all my family but my brother.. still praying.. There is so much more than I can say and things that happened on the way.. It's so amazing how God can place His eyes on you.. when you don't have a clue.. when you don't feel you deserve .. when you feel so alone!.. when you did not even know he was always there calling to you some how.. He was truly listening.. its amazing how this is. His Salvation His Grace His love... no words but only my soul calls out from within. Something so powerful that I feel that breaks me down and in that moment.. I wish I can be there FOREVER. I can't explain it but its truly something words cant describe. I have written some songs and my dream and plans is to one day share them with you. Now my whole family.. attends Harvest Valley in Pleasanton. This is where Olga ( my sister) and Ray (brother in law) Marquez attended before us (she also has a blog!! she got me started <3 ) My Sister always says how she is blessed to have me as a sister.. and I blessed to see her fall in love more with God and how she has been inspiring me.. God is SO GOOD SiSter! Blessed to have shared and keep sharing this wonderful gift! My husband Hugo is growing in the faith and pray that the Lord may guide us day after day after day in His word and Grace and teach us to be stronger in Him.. What a beautiful Journey this as been and the hope we wait for to one day be ready to fly... to a place called HOME. To finally be FREE .......<3

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 Picture Memories !!!

Wanted to share some pictures of 2011!  All kinds of memories, places, foods we cooked, friends, family, and more... 
                                                                                                                                                                                          My Hubby took pic, place dad works and place we married

Puerto Rico!

                                                        Ready for the Royal Wedding!!

                                                           Tatiana to the rescue!! Thx!!