Monday, December 26, 2011

Beautiful Christmas Blessings!

Our frist Christmas as husband and wife was so wonderful my baby cooked a yummy meal had our brothers over and opened gifts.. but the greatest gift of all is Our Lord Jesus and His Salvation... My heart felt like coming to the Lord.. so I stepped in the closet and began to pray.. I was so thankful for all that the Lord has given and how His grace has fallen on me through every breath of this life God has given me.  I gave thanks for this Beautiful Holiday and the Love that God gives to fill each home. I prayed for those that had no home..children that needed warmth.. specially in this day. Help us Lord to always remember to come to you.. no matter the day time or place.. For your quite Love covers over us .. We are so blessed and thankful! Gracias mi Dios .. happy holidays to all! Hope you all had a  beautiful time with the ones you love. Blessings. :)

                                                                         So sleepy!

                                                             Yummy Breakfast  Place!!!

                                                                 My baby Cooked!!


  1. Well said!!! Looks like your hubby cooked a fantastic meal!!

  2. sillies!!! i am over joyed of your new chapter in life! thanks be to our lord jesus!

  3. Adorable pics! Looks like you had a great Christmas!

  4. Beautiful pics! You guys are adorable! God is so very good. What a beautiful journey you two are on!