Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So this is our Love Story

1. How did you meet? 

We went to junior high and high school together but never really talked he played baseball.. football and always in school activities I was shy and reserved never really went out.. I would go pray at church during lunch so yeah..  ..After High school he asked me out on a date. He said he would see me around and knew I was a nice girl. On July 7th 2001 we went on our first date to see Jurassic Park. The next day he called to go on a 2nd date.. because of me it did not happen.. during those years at times I would leave notes at his work place just letting him know i was thinking of him.. but he would never got them ....not till 10 years later is when we meet again a little more face to face. One day he came into my work and we started to talk..I knew that ten years ago I let him go and I did not want to let him go again and make the same mistake..after he left my work place I sent him a txt saying " So.. when are u taking me out?" I was so nervous!! He txt me back and said "this Monday." from that day we began to fall in love and married in 8 months. What a blessing it has been..

2. How did he propose?

Under a bridge on a boat he was rowing in Golden Gate Park.. He stopped right under the bridge took the ring he was holding on to and asked me to spend the rest of our live together forever..

3. Where did you marry?

We got married at Concannon Vineyard a winery in Livermore California. My whole family grew up, worked, had birthdays..and now I got the chance to merry here.

 4. What are you planning for Valentines day?

We are planning to see "The Vow" based on true events & getting V- cards!

5. How do you keep have a strong relationship?

I would say respect, understanding, forgiveness, listing, and most important having the God as your Rock.


  1. So beautiful girl. I hope you have THE BEST first married Valentines day together!!!! oooh! So romantic. Love it.

  2. I love your love story. How romantic!! <3

  3. I loved reading about you two! So cute! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

    ~ Elle

    PS. Thanks for visiting my blog!